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    March 29, 2013 - The stock market is closed today in observance of Good Friday.  Have a great Easter weekend!  Ron will be back on Monday.March 28, 2013 It’s the last trading day of the 1stcalendar quarter, and you can sum it up by saying that the first quarter has been a pretty good year for stock prices with the S&P 500 is higher by about 10 percent. The big question is whether the rest of the year will resemble, refute or just maintain. This morning’s roller coaster ride has been the shares of Canadian smartphone maker Blackberry. They reported a surprising profit of 22 Canadian cents per share this morning, which was well ahead of the expected 29 cent loss. However, revenue was lower than expected and three million subscribers were lost. And although they’ve shipped a million new Blackberry Z10s – this are shipments not necessarily sales. Right after the announcement, Blackberry shares rose 3...
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February 28, 2013 Now that we have the Italian election panic out of the way, all the chatter has turned to “sequestration.” The meat-cleaver budget cuts will happen unless Congress and the President can agree to another course by 11:59 tomorrow night. Of course, right on cue, Congressional representatives and the President will meet tomorrow to point fingers at each other, and perhaps – just perhaps do their jobs. So, if you’ve been yelling at your kids because they don’t do their homework until just before it’s due, relax. They probably have a future in Washington. Meantime, the Dow Jones Industrials should open within about 85 points of an all-time high. Why? Well, sequestration could lead to a loss of jobs, which could slow the economy, which would keep the Federal Reserve interest rate policy ridiculously low for a long time to come. Recall investing rule number 1 - Don’t fight the Fed. If...
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