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Who We Are

Smart, experienced professionals 

Everyone at Starfire has been focused on finance for decades. We know the market, we understand the nuances of portfolio design and implementation, and we get how important tax planning is to protect your assets. We have approximately $600,000,000 in assets under management (AUM)—including ETFs, no-load actively managed and indexed funds, and fixed income investments.  

Hands-on portfolio managers

Starfire Investment Advisers is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA)—not an online broker. We know there’s no substitute for taking the time and effort to analyze your portfolio and tailoring it to fit your specific and ever-changing needs. No matter how powerful a broker’s computer programs may be, no technology offers the insight of a real person doing real, hands-on analysis of the investment markets, as well as your personal financial situation.  

Financial specialists focused on tax efficiency

Taxes deliver the biggest hit to your assets. By keeping your taxes to a minimum, we help maximize your assets over your lifetime. Our mission is to help you understand and use a variety of financial tools to grow your assets—all at the lowest possible after-tax cost. Working in concert with our sister company, Starfire Financial Services, we offer the tax consulting and financial advice you need to create a tax-sensitive portfolio that can minimize your taxes. It’s just another way we work to deliver great value to you.

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